2004-2011 Accomplishments

  2008 PROJECT PLAN     

1. Completed restoration of the historic Five Mile House to include working 1840s and working 1860s kitchens. Acquired period 1840s-1860s furnishings and kitchenware for the house, including an 1860s wood cook stove.


2.  Added electrical service and a heating and cooling unit to the historic Five Mile House.


3.  Made major repairs and upgrades on the 1958 Easton house which is being used for rental income for the FMH Foundation.


4.  Completed a concrete sidewalk, handicap ramp, period security light, bench and trash receptacle. Incoming electric line to a new electric panel was buried. Connected to the Embarrass rural water system.



Sidewalk - The new side walk was poured from the north corner of the parking lot across the back or north side of the house and then along the east side

  to connect with the new handicap accessible ramp as shown below.  A segment of the sidewalk was also poured from the parking lot to the front porch.





5.  Completed a six-eight car parking lot which was donated by NeCo Asphalt.



                                                                              Before any work                                              After the base had been laid but not yet oil & chipped.



6.  Established a 4th Grade School program which includes learning about archaeology, "reading" the house and participating in living history activities of open hearth cooking, period dancing, games and music.



7.  Established summer living history open houses that include educational historic programs, living history demonstrations and music.



8.  Developed a professional quality webiste, annual nesletter and Face Book page.



9.  Developed an orientation video narrated by Abe Lincoln and acquired AV equipment to show it.



10.  Conducted a Ground Penetrating Radar survey inconjunction with EIU and SIU and conducted slvage archaeology in the area of the new restroom.



11.  Developed an annual Campaign mailing and expanded the Fall BBQ to include an auction.



















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