Summary of the 2012-2016 Plan of Work


1. 2012 - Construct a modern restroom facility with exterior to resemble a perod outbuilding.  Estimated cost: $10,000.


2.  2012 - Acquire a storage building for storage of period plows, archaeological artifacts, maintenance tools and other items.  Estimated cost:  $2,500.


3.  2013-2014 - Conduct archaeology in the area of the proposed blacksmith shop.


4.  2015-1016 - Construct and furnish a period blacksmith shop.


5.  Convert the Easton House to an office and visitor center facility.


6.  Hire a seasonal interpreter/maintenance employee.


Acquire additional land and develop a larger parking lot.


8.  Develop and implement a landscape plan to include trees, garden, orchard, prairie grass and ornamental plantings.


9.  Expand the school program to additional schools and home schools. Expand other programs and activities offered to include a Christmas event and living history workshops.


10.  Develop informational brochures, educational signage and Interpreter's Manual.


11.  Replace siding and make other repairs and upgrades to the Eaton House.


12.  Add security system and additional security lights.


13.  Acquire additional furnishings, kitchenware, blacksmith tools and farming implements as they become available.


14.  Conduct additional research on the Five Mile House, property and owners.









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