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Five Mile House Archaeology

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey 10/3/09

     Archaeological digs were conducted at the Five Mile House before restoration was completed by students from the Eastern Illinois University Historical Administration Program. It was supervised by Dr. Bailey Young, Professor of History at EIU and FMH Committee member and Dr. Nora Pat Small, Professor of History and Chair of the Historical Administration Program. 

     Work was conducted on the ground areas beneath the floors in the front rooms before the floors were replaced and in the area of the kitchen ell before it was reconstructed.  A number of interesting artifacts and features were discovered that help in telling the story of the Five Mile House.  Some notable finds include:

WEST FIREPLACE - The foundation for a fireplace at the west end of the west room was discovered indicating that the original house had fireplaces on both ends. The metal bar that would have held the bricks in place over the fireplace opening was also discovered.  More information on this can be found in the Read the House section.

ANDIRONS - Original andirons were discovered which were subsequently restored by local blacksmith, Lorelei Simms.  These are now in use in the east room fireplace.

1867 CHARLESTON PARLOR STOVE - Broken pieces of an old parlor stove were discovered around the site.  These were also taken to Lorelei Simms who restored the stove to its original appearance.  It was made by the Bain Iron Works in Charleston, Illinois and has a patent date of 1867 on it.

     Below are pictures of the archaeological work and some of the artifacts discovered: